Blog de World-Of-Leioth "Only in our heart can be found the definition of Manga" // "My name is John Silver. And I have a fucking long memory" // "These iris of an intense black with floating golden lights ... are a reflection of the world that only he can perceive! They are so dark ... What their darkness could engulf the whole world!" // "When you consider that one is doing his best, this is proof that we are not demanding enough to be yourself." // "I just want to know if you're okay. A lot of good people died today. You've never been good at handling that kind of loss." // "No Blood, no Bones, No Ash!" // "That night I had a dream, I dreamed the snow was burning, the fire melted, I dreamed of the impossible. I dreamed that you loved me." // " 'Cause I'm with you 'til the end of the line, pal." // "If it doesn't leave you like an explosion despite everything, don't write. "

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